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Life becomes a BIRD when you start riding HOVERBOARDS!


The fastest and most convenient way to get around.


Perfect for indoors or on any smooth surface.


The fastest and most convenient way to get around.

Small, compact design - super portable!

The fastest and most convenient way to get around.

Drives on uneven roads like a freakin' SUV!

The fastest and most convenient way to get around.

Welcome to Kiwi Hoverboard!

Hoverboard, segway board, electric glideboard – whatever you want to call it, your new favourite form of transportation is now available in New Zealand!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Why call it a hoverboard when it doesn’t even hover? Well, once you’ve ridden on one of our boards, you’ll understand.

They may still have their wheels on the ground but, unlike a skateboard or roller skates, these actually give you the sensation of hovering above the floor. You glide across the ground without needing a push-off or exerting any energy at all. Just tilt your feet forward and away you go.

When you ride a hoverboard, the world becomes your playground. With its long-lasting battery charge, you can go as far as 20km – on a single charge! Charging only takes around 3 hours so even once it’s run out of juice, you won’t be waiting too long before you’re back in action.

Reaching speeds of up to almost 20km/h, these hoverboards come in a range of styles and colours. Once you get going, they’re easy to ride, safe to use both indoors and out.

All our X1 hoverboards are UL certified meaning they’re compliant with the highest safety standards. If you keep your hoverboard in good shape, you’ll never need to worry about issues causing an abrupt end to the shenanigans.

Our hoverboards offer thrills, entertainment, and practicality at a remarkably affordable price. Key features include:

  • Sexy, modern design
  • Needle bearings for flexibility
  • Microswitch so you can ride in colder temperatures
  • Dural channels bluetooth speaker
  • Stable suspension structure for increased load capacity
  • Special battery case protection

If you want to test a hoverboard out before buying, you can! Come into our store in Penrose, Auckland and we’ll show you just how much fun these puppies can be. The store is open from 10am to 4pm, 6 days a week (we’re closed on Tuesdays).

This isn’t a temporary fad like chatterings, Tamagotchis, or mullets. Hoverboards are here to stay so get in on the craze and pick up your board today!



View our range of hoverboards and choose your favourite. There are a range of styles and colours to pick from and all our products come with a 6-month warranty.



Get started with ease thanks to our handy list of tips. We also have info on how best to keep your hoverboard in tip-top shape.



Want to try before you buy? Then give us a call or rock up to our Parnell showroom for a free demonstration.

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